Based at the heart of the Asia Pacific region, Peak Re has an unrivalled understanding of a region that continues to drive and sustain the global economy.

With a visionary culture, Peak Re brings new solutions to the reinsurance industry.

The group’s initial capacity of US$550 million makes Peak Re a significant participant in the growing Asia Pacific reinsurance market. 

Because we understand each market’s unique characteristics, we craft solutions for our clients in a tailor made, personal way. Our mission is to protect the continuing growth of dynamic economic regions.

Our underwriting is driven by our understanding of our client’s needs and our understanding of existing and evolving risks. We deploy state of the art know-how and technology.

Our focus is on the highest professional standards achieved in a personal way and executed with precision and flair.

How can we have the confidence to say this?
Because we listen, make decisions with speed and integrity, and we have the ability and courage to deliver.

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  • Q1. What is the financial strength of Peak Re?

    Peak Re’s capital is provided by Fosun, a company which is dedicated to becoming premium investment group with a focus on China’s growth momentum, and IFC, a strategic investor.  The company envisages a A- rating by AM Best, the leading international insurance industry credit rating agency.

  • Q2. What is the long term position of Fosun as the lead investor in Peak Re?

    Fosun is committed to growing Peak Re as a stand-alone independent reinsurance company over the long term. The commitment is part of its wider remit of supporting growth companies in the industries in which it operates.

  • Q3. Where is Peak Re licensed?

    Peak Re is currently licensed as a composite reinsurer by the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance of Hong Kong SAR.

  • Q4. What is IFC’s role in Peak Re?

    IFC is a long-term investor in Peak Re as part of its strategy of investing in companies that are committed to providing value and expertise in developing markets.

  • Q5. Why should we work with Peak Re?

    Peak Re brings efficient processes, creative thinking and the right solutions tailored to you and the rapidly changing global reinsurance marketplace, in which we operate.

  • Q6. Who leads Peak Re?

    A dynamic team of highly experienced reinsurance professionals with a diverse range and length of market experience lead our Peak Re team.

  • Q7. What is Peak Re’s approach to Claims?

    Peak Re will pay all legitimate claims promptly and efficiently.

  • Q8. Is Peak Re writing Cat business?

    Peak Re recognises that natural catastrophe is the single largest risk across the entire Asia Pacific region. We are investing in knowledge and technology to manage that risk properly.

  • Q9. Is Peak Re writing long tail liability business?

    Peak Re does not write North American long tail liability business but it writes liability classes across the region, some of which may be long tail.

  • Q10. Why should we trust Peak Re’s underwriting ability?

    Peak Re employs some of the world’s most experienced and talented underwriters, each with a proven track record of consistently profitable underwriting.

  • Q11. How did the idea of Peak Re emerge?

    The idea for Peak Re emerged from a group of senior executives in the reinsurance and financial services sectors in Hong Kong. They identified a need for a modernised, more focused approach to unlock the power of reinsurance in the Asia Pacific region.

  • Q12. Why launch Peak Re now?

    Asia Pacific is changing rapidly and Peak Re was created because we believe the region needs new risk and capital management solutions.

  • Q13. What is Peak Re’s culture and what does Peak Re believe in?

    Peak Re has a visionary culture, meaning the company believes it can change the way reinsurance is transacted in the Asia Pacific region. The change will be evolutionary but profound. It is based on solid and long-standing principles of reinsurance but embraces the power and speed of new technology combined with the dynamism of the expanding Asia Pacific marketplace.


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