Property & Casualty

Peak Re’s property & casualty reinsurance business model brings together experienced market practitioners from market underwriting, product underwriting and analytics into a geometric risk selection and evaluation process which is unique in the industry. The three functions carry equal weight in the evaluation, recognizing that underwriting is a forward looking discipline based on correct interpretation of historic data, technical structuring and market context.

Peak Re approaches underwriting holistically and each reinsurance contract written is analysed and assessed by a variety of different measurements, which include:

  • Client Selection
  • Product Understanding
  • Risk Quantification

Client Selection

  • We listen to the clients’ needs and analyse the economics of the ceding company, its reputation, risk appetite and the likelihood of establishing a long term relationship.

Product Understanding

  • Our product underwriting team consists of some of the region’s best underwriters who have proven track record in their respective specialties.
  • These underwriters have in depth understanding of the lines of business we offer, as well as extensive market knowledge.
  • We apply strong and consistent underwriting processes to deliver consistent, reliable and robust capacity to our clients and partners.

Risk Quantification

  • Peak Re adopts a prudent approach to risk assessment and pricing, with an emphasis on appropriate modelling for different perils from different regions.
  • Model results are consolidated which provide an independent view of risk assessment for underwriting consideration.
  • Our market research team develops research models and insights on individual markets covering regulation, performance, company performance and segmentation to facilitate a wide view of local, regional and global economic and risk landscapes.

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