Peak Re successfully hosted the third Fosun Global Insurance CEO Committee (GICC) annual meeting

On 7 Jun 2017, Peak Re hosted the third Fosun Global Insurance CEO Committee (GICC) Annual Meeting. The theme this year is “Modernising Re/Insurance”, the conference successfully brought vitality to Fosun’s insurance companies worldwide and facilitated synergies between different insurance entities.

Franz-Josef Hahn welcomed the participants as the Chairman of this year’s GICC and CEO of Peak Re. Mr Hahn was pleased to note that the GICC has travelled a long way in just three years. He mentioned the global partners of Fosun should meet and engage more often, fostering partnership and maximizing mutual opportunities. The GICC and global partners, as well as Fosun’s young ambassadors can all work to promote Fosun Insurance Group.

M. Hahn was joined by Mr Guo Guangchang, Executive Director and Chairman of Fosun International, Mr Wang Qunbin, Executive Director and CEO of Fosun Group, Ms Kang Lan, Executive Director, Senior Vice President of Fosun Group and President of Fosun Insurance Group, and other senior executives from various Fosun insurance entities around the world to discuss key topics such as InsurTech, risk & capital management, healthcare as well as the acquisition and retention of talent to modernise insurance and reinsurance industry.

Mr Guo emphasised the strategy of Fosun’s direction of “Insurance Plus” and stressed again the importance of entrepreneurship. Fosun partners must have “self-driven” spirit and show awareness for “active closed loops”.

Mr Wang mentioned Fosun International’s net profit attributable to the parent company exceeded RMB 10 billion yuan for the first time in 2016, thanks to the progress that portfolio companies in the Fosun Insurance family have made in team building, integration, synergy, and business development. Meanwhile, in the face of future changes and challenges, Fosun Group and all insurance companies should keep evolving, embracing and even leading change.

Ms Kang shared with the audience that Fosun Insurance entities should strengthen the fundamentals and differentiate with “insurance +”s: with the aid of InsurTech, explore ideas and business models in innovation and collaboration to be fit consumer needs. At the same time, Fosun insurance entities shall work more closely together to create synergies.

GICC2017_Franz-Josef Hahn GICC2017_Groupphoto