Our Strategy

Peak Re sees reinsurance as a powerful solution to assist companies and economies to grow with strength and security in a sustainable and long term way.

We co-operate with clients and intermediaries to develop risk and capital solutions to assist our clients to grow profitably, and we look at long term outcomes and aim to pay claims promptly.

Peak Re has launched our business successfully based on the strong relationships built in our base of Asia-Pacific and we are now seen as a reliable reinsurance partner.

Thanks to our strong investors and their long term commitment to the company, Peak Re enjoys a unique position in Hong Kong. As a forward-looking company, Peak Re looks to develop into a sophisticated reinsurer with access not only to reinsurance assets, but also insurance asset and alternative capital.

Peak Re’s five guiding principles will always be to:


Nurture deep and abiding relationships with our clients and brokers and maintain an on-going dialogue at all times.
Always deploy our capital in the most efficient manner.
Make clear underwriting decisions promptly with transparency.
Assist our clients to grow in a sustainable and profitable way so they can play a greater risk-mitigating role in the global economy.
Maximise use of the new technologies to ensure clients are covered with the best protection for the best prices.