Life & Health

To develop innovative and customised solutions for our clients, we begin by listening and understanding.

Our Life & Health support is based on sound actuarial and underwriting principles. We provide our clients with dedicated, ongoing support for new product development, risk management and capital optimisation.

Knowledge transfer enables us to build long-term, trusted partnerships. Our training programmes are tailored to complement the existing level and skill of our clients’ capabilities in underwriting, pricing, product development, distribution alignment, risk management and balance sheet support.


We adopt a holistic approach to providing reinsurance.

Each reinsurance contract is analysed and assessed through a variety of different measurements, which include:


We listen to the needs of potential clients to better understand their business, including a challenge process to ensure that their requests are indeed optimal.

We then analyse the company’s economics and risk appetite before identifying a mutually beneficial approach. By doing so, we develop a customised solution and establish a valuable long-term partnership.

Our actuaries and underwriters are some of the region’s best, who have proven track records in their respective specialities.

They offer extensive market knowledge, as well as deep understanding of the solutions we can provide.

The consistency of our underwriting processes delivers reliable and robust capacity to our clients and partners.

Peak Re adopts a prudent approach to risk assessment and pricing. We emphasise the importance of conducting appropriate modelling for the different challenges in each region. Our models provide results that offer an independent view of risk assessment for design and pricing considerations. Again, our challenge process ensures that the results of the modelling are compared with a suitable and personalised set of targets and tolerances, to ensure the reinsurance truly matches the needs of our clients.


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