Property & Casualty

We provide an innovative approach to risk selection and evaluation.

Our experienced Property and Casualty reinsurance team uses a geometric risk selection and evaluation process that is unique to the industry. This capability is made possible by the team’s high proficiency in market research, product underwriting and analytics.

The equal weighting we give to these three areas reflects our belief in the discipline of underwriting. Fundamental to this is the correct interpretation of historic data, technical structuring and market context that provides the best risk assessment of the future.


Market research

Comprehensive research model

Sourcing of information to guide development and knowledge

Analytics and Actuaries

Prudent approach to risk management and pricing; appropriate modelling for different situations

Offers an independent view for underwriting consideration


Strong and consistent underwriting discipline

Best underwriters regionally with proven track records

We adopt a holistic approach to underwriting.

Each reinsurance contract is analysed and assessed through a variety of different measurements, which include:


We listen to the needs of potential clients to better understand their business.

We then analyse the company’s economics and risk appetite before identifying a mutually beneficial approach. By doing so, we develop a view of risk around the opportunity for a long-term partnership.

Our product underwriting team consists of some of the region’s best underwriters, who have proven track records in their respective specialities.

They offer extensive market knowledge, as well as deep understanding of the solutions we can provide.

The consistency of our underwriting processes delivers reliable and robust capacity to our clients and partners.

Peak Re adopts a prudent approach to risk assessment and pricing. We emphasise the importance of conducting appropriate modelling for the different challenges in each region.

Our models provide results that offer an independent view of risk assessment for underwriting consideration.

Our market research team develops research models on individual markets that cover regulation, company performance and segmentation. These provide insight into a range of local, regional and global risk landscapes.

Our commitment to protecting people from climate risks

Typhoon and cyclone activity tracker

Peak Re and Shanghai Typhoon Institute collaborate to deliver the most accurate research on typhoon activity. This collaboration underscores our commitment to the wider insurance industry and provides insight to the communities in which we operate.


Seasonal typhoon forecast

Through our partnership with the Shanghai Typhoon Institute, we publish a seasonal tropical cyclone forecast to help the insurance industry mitigate related risks more effectively.


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