Our Strategy

A powerful solution for sustainable development

We believe that reinsurance is a powerful solution that contributes to the sustainable development of the insurance industry and helps society to prosper by providing protection to more people under the umbrella of insurance.

Through our unique, insights-based approach we work with clients and partners to develop risk and capital solutions to help them grow profitably. Our focus is on long-term outcomes and providing efficient client service through an agile business model. We are committed to paying claims promptly and making swift decisions to help risk management processes.

Our headquarters in Hong Kong give us a different perspective, blending global views with Asian potential. We offer expertise as an innovative and sophisticated reinsurer with access to reinsurance assets, insurance assets and alternative capital.


We operate according to the following five strategic principles:


Nurture long-lasting, collaborative relationships with our clients and brokers, built on open and transparent dialogue.


Deploy our capital in the most efficient manner at all times.


Make clear, prompt and transparent underwriting decisions.


Assist our clients to grow in a sustainable and profitable way so they can do more to mitigate risk in the global economy.


Implement new technology where possible to enhance our services and ensure our clients receive the best available protection.