Drive positive change with us

Peak Re is a Hong Kong based modern and dynamic reinsurer.

We partner with insurance companies to help manage and limit the financial impact of claims by spreading their risk and limiting the amount of loss they can potentially suffer. In other words, we protect insurance companies from financial ruin and thereby protect their customers from uncovered losses.

Driving positive change for business and society is central to our focus and by working with us you will discover that it is our approach that really sets us apart. We’re bold, ambitious and diverse. The way our people embody our culture, agility and insights determines our success and we’re proud to see our values inspiring our team, every day.

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Peak Re Culture


Our people feel empowered to act entrepreneurially, taking the lead and creating positive change for our clients.



Our diversity enables us to attract the best talent, drive innovation and deliver value to our clients.



Our people feel trusted and valued because we embrace an open culture and this transpires into the service we provide to our clients.



Our work is collaborative which is key to producing innovative ideas and delivering on our promise to our clients.


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Peak Re has been on a fast-growth trajectory over the past six years and its possibilities are limitless. I very much enjoy being part of Peak Re and working in this supportive environment.

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Sherlock Tang
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Peak Re can act quickly and deliver. We also tackle issues as they arise — and with agility in our mindset, we create greater efficiency in our daily interactions, which larger companies cannot deliver.

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Lucy Prince
Finance and Accounting
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Achieving success within our specific approach requires a lot of interaction, respect and understanding. I’m proud to work in an organisation that has a high sense of community, and that has several social initiatives that help to improve the daily lives of communities around the world.

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Jean-Luc Dupont
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This is my second year at Peak Re. I believe that the company has a solid diversification of business, highly efficient internal operations and is socially responsible, which is embedded in its culture.

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Edward Shen