A new headquarters to mark a new chapter of Peak Re

Peak Re has grown steadily in the past seven years, from a start-up of 19 people to the world’s 30th largest global reinsurer of more than 100 employees worldwide. We expect this growth to continue. To accommodate our growing business and help us serve our clients with higher productivity and efficiency, we moved to a new headquarters this April with bigger and smarter office space.

Please follow us for a tour of the new Peak Re headquarters.

The building

The Center at 99 Queen’s Road Central is the fifth tallest skyscraper in Hong Kong. With a height of 346 m (1,135 ft), it comprises 73 storeys. The Center is one of the few skyscrapers in Hong Kong that is entirely steel-structured with no reinforced concrete core and is one of the tallest steel buildings in world.

The entrance

We wanted to create a headquarters that all our employees are proud of and at the same time would enhance productivity and operation efficiency.

The entrance

The view

A near 360 degree view of the beautiful Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong skyline.

The view

The lounge

We chose to apply activity-based working concept as this design supports our agility culture, enhances speed of responses and efficiency, this arrangement also fits our unique underwriting approach.

The lounge

The interactive areas

The office spaces are segmented according to activity-based working concept, which include no-barrier open office, numerous collaboration and meeting zones, enclosed sound-proof privacy rooms, lounge and café areas which can be converted into a larger multi-functioned area.

The common areas are equipped with wireless chargers, adaptors and USB sockets which could serves as flexi working areas not only for our staff but also for visitors. IT and audio visual system are upgraded to enhance productivity and efficiency.

The interactive area

Provide the best work environment for our colleagues

It is one of our key objectives to create value for our employees and wellness is a key element for consideration in the design stage.

To provide a welcoming and stress reduction working environment, the office connects colleagues with nature by adopting the biophilic design: a gigantic green wall and a mini-garden have been established at the entrance and lounge area, natural surroundings such as greens, plants and fresh flowers can be seen everywhere in the office.

People’s health and wellbeing are in first place therefore elements like air quality and water quality were taking into account too.

Be environmentally friendly

We also want to create value for our environment. Besides the greens, the office is also mapped to fit our paper free culture. All meeting rooms are equipped with cutting edge conferencing system such as wireless presentation devices, colleagues can connect their laptop and share screen to others in the same meeting. All office materials used are sustainable with certifications, they are also certified by scientific certification system (SCS) for indoor air quality certification.

Green logo wall