Seasonal Tropical Cyclone Activity Forecast North West Pacific Ocean and South China Sea | April 2020

Based on current climatic conditions and activity in 2020 to date, this report forecasts:

  • The formation of 22-24 tropical storms (TS) and/ or stronger tropical cyclones/ typhoons (TC) in the North Western Pacific Basin (NWP) and the South China Sea (SCS) in 2020.
  • The number of TCs that become strong typhoons (STY) will stay below the long term climatic average (LTCA).
  • 12-13 TCs are forecast to impact China in 2020 which is below the LTCA. However, TCs impacting South and East China are forecast to be more active than the LTCA, of which;
    • 10-12 are forecast to impact South China.
    • 10-13 are forecast to impact East China.
  • 7-9 TCs will make landfall over China which is slightly above the LTCA.